How is Bogolub Records unique, CUSTOMER SERVICE!!

From the beginning we will meet for a cup of coffee, talk on the phone, or video call and we will go through your project with a set list of questions to design your game plan. No endless texting, emailing or instant messaging from this business!

Another difference is our mission statement, “Empowering others Empowers Ourselves”. WIth that said, 5% of earnings will be donated to charity.

Since I compose, write, produce, and play all my own original material I am a one stop shop. We go back to the basics of one on one customer service, deadlines and update meetings to complete your project on time with integrity, honesty and customer service my number one priority. With my unique music production concepts, I will give your project its distinctive purpose.

Let’s start the ball rolling…give me a call!

The process begins with a conversation, let’s start a conversation and make your project shine!