What is, The Philosophy of “AJANOI”?

Phillip Bogolub is the owner and creator of, The Philosophy of “AJANOI”. His philosophy’s purpose is focused on creating the right mentality to focus on what you really want in life and in finding your true purpose on planet earth. Phillip’s philosophy is based on an imaging technique and mindset through which you will be able to imagine every day as your best day and create the opportunities in finding joy, love, peace, and abundance for the rest of your life.

Phillip starts with the basics, beginning with something that everyone was born with and is rarely tapped into, your imagination! He has created his own belief system based on extensive research of the conscious and subconscious minds from the philosophical, psychological, and theological points of view. Your best day is each day and through the subconscious mind of imagination anything can be accomplished.

Phillip also brings with him years of life experience from positive to negative and has learned through his process and procedure how to tap into the positive like a light switch and use this imaging technique while fully awake to deal with the everyday noise of negativity. When Phillip hears the phrase, you can’t do this, or you’re too old, it only drives him to succeed. You are never too old and it is never too late.

We all go to school to learn and after we are done learning we believe it is over and we just put ourselves on automatic. This philosophy will only work with the same dedication you put into your school, your job, and your family. It is the most important school you have ever enrolled in, the school of the mind. Since collaboration is the key to success, together with Phillip you will be able to tap into your infinite potential, to reach, to dream, and to imagine, there is nothing you can’t do!

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