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What is Conscious Communication? Simply put, it is the way we Consciously Communicate. I know that sounds simple but think about it, how do you Communicate? From business to personal and personal to business? Are you Communicating positively or negatively? This Conscious Communication Podcast Show was crafted from, The Philosophy of, “AJANOI” and how you can Consciously Communicate through the positive side of your mind. How can you do this? Another good question. It is derived from an imaging technique that I have created that will give you the proper mindset to be in. Remember, your inner knowing knows! This philosophy will connect you directly with your true purpose on planet Earth!

If you are interested in becoming a student of this Philosophy or you would like to be interviewed on my podcast show please click the, “Contact Me” link or the,  “Podcast interview” link. Either way I am looking forward to chatting with you.


Be well,

Phillip Bogolub (Mentor of the Mind)

Podcasts are the opportunity to pass on positive messaging and to inspire, laugh, and grow!

The process begins with a conversation!


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